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Experience the most lightweight, comfortable, & natural looking hair you've ever had!

Natural Beaded Rows® (NBR) Extensions are here to make you look and feel your BEST!
If you're looking to add length and fullness, if you're looking for a harmless way that allows your natural hair to grow, or you simply want to experience the hair of your dreams, NBR offers the most gentle, lightweight extension experience without all the damage.
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No Damage
The NBR method uses hand-tied wefts that are placed and sewn into rows in the hair, this is achieved by creating a track using a bead and string technique on minimal points of contact on the scalp. No glue or tape involved = no damage or slipping out!
Custom Process for Every Guest
The NBR experience starts with a full complementary consultation to determine what is needed to get YOU to your desired goal. From there we'll start creating your customized process unique to you- number of rows, seamless color and custom cut.
Minimal Maintenance 
Wondering what the upkeep looks like? It's pretty low maintenance! You'll have a slightly longer appointment at the salon every 6-8 weeks but you'll spend way less time on your hair day to day! 
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Seamless & Undetectable 
Every weft is custom colored to match your hair perfectly.  This allows for a truly seamless color & undetectable extensions.  Wear your hair in any style without fear of your extensions showing! 
What's Included in the NBR Experience?
luxury hand-tied wefts in your length of choice
 Color to both your hair & the extension hair to create a seamless blend
 strategic placement & installation of your customized row(s)
 a custom haircut to blend the extension hair with your natural hair
Blowout & Style
Unite Hair take-home Hair Kit & Maintenance plan
Before & After photos 
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